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Allen and son barbeque
Barbecue plate with hush puppies and cole slaw

Allen and Son Barbeque
6203 Millhouse Road
Chapel Hill, NC 27516

Closed Sunday and Monday
Visa, Mastercard accepted


Allen & Son looks like a down-home barbecue joint with vinyl tile flooring, wooden tables, checkered oilcloth tablecloths and slat back chairs. Owner Keith Allen is a hunter so the walls are covered with pictures of ducks, pheasants and intermittently a stuffed large mouth bass or two.

It's no wonder the Eastern-Style barbecue tastes good. Out back are large brick barbecue pits and whole hickory logs that await the chain saw and a splitting maul. Allen does the cutting and splitting himself.

The barbecue only comes chopped. It has a tangy, rich, brown taste with smoky overtones. The cue has a peppery taste without adding sauce at the table.

The sauce at the table is a thin, reddish, vinegary, spicy blend that imparts tartness. There are bottles of Texas Pete's as well to impart just the right amount of heat.

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